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Design Consultancy

Artsystem is perhaps best known as a contracting firm and furniture manufacturer, but is also a reputable design consultancy. Our teams of specialised designers ensure that Artsystem stays at the forefront of creative and intelligent designs.

Whether you are looking for maximum utilisation of workspace in your home or office, interior design or landscaping, feel free to contact us for an obligation-free discussion with one of our sales representatives.

The core services provided by Artsystem include:

Basic design services

  • Schematic Design Phase
  • Design Development Phase
  • Contract Documentation Phase
  • Contract Implementation and Management Phase

Supplementary & Advisory services

  • Advisory, Surveys and Investigations
  • Planning and Development Services

Help & Tools

If you experience any difficulty in using our online service or if you have any questions regarding our web service, please email to admin@artsystem.com.my

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